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Dev Mackenzie



Dev MacKenzie was born in the San Bernardino County Hospital in 1987. He first encountered the vast and breathe taking landscapes of the open desert witch can be seen reflected in his work today, at the age of 6 when he and his family moved to a small town in Arizona called Golden Valley. Around that time he became very inspired to begin oil painting by his grandmother, Sue Posey, whom was an oil painter herself. 


     As Dev grew, so did his love for everything art. He spent much of his time growing up exploring different styles, techniques  and mediums. Dev first began selling his art on the street corner during the "First Friday" Art Festivals in Phoenix, Arizona. He has since sold his work at many events and to many private collectors.

   Now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work mostly consists of beautiful landscapes with vast open skies.  His preferred medium is oil paint but does enjoy painting with watercolors as well. His painting style ranges from Surreal, contemporary to modern Impressionism. Currently Dev's work can be purchase on his website

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